Bruce Davis is the owner and operator of A to Z Animal and Pest Control


Bruce Davis's appreciation for wildlife began as a kid growing up in rural Ohio.  He spent most of his time taking care of  animals on his family's farm, hunting, fishing and spending time in the woods.  His love for dogs led him to Massachusetts in the 80s as a greyhound dog trainer and caretaker.   Then, the 90s arrived and he cared for a whole different breed of animal-children!  

In 2000, Bruce started A to Z Animal and Pest Control. Since then, there's never been a skunk too stinky, a bat too quick or a raccoon too elusive for him to catch.  

Bruce takes pride in his work.  Customers appreciate his quality of work, fairness in price and overall helpfulness. He believes in being prepared, efficient, fair and on time, every time.